I Tried…Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

History of baby wipes:  I was curious about baby wipes in general, so I did some research.  My source is below if you are interested in reading it, but I’ve listed some of the most interesting points.

  • Developed in the 1970s (I don’t think I need to tell you why they were developed)
  • During the manufacturing process, each component of the baby wipes (packaging, wipe, and cleansing solution) must pass a series of quality check points
  • Water is the main ingredient  in the cleansing solution
  • Made of non-woven fabric (pressed fibers)


What are they:  These are Seventh Generation’s brand of baby wipes.  Seventh Generation’s mission statement is “To inspire a consumer revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations”. They are working on this mission by advocating for toxin free products.  Honestly, I’ve never used any of their products before this so I didn’t really know what to expect. I really wanted to try these wipes because they are safe to use on your baby’s hands and face.  YAY!!!

How I used them:  I recently started Lucy on solid foods.  This means feedings and diaper changes are a lot messier!!   To help with this, I need wipes that are:

  1. Large
  2. Absorbent/Textured
  3. Not too wet (you don’t want to clean up a mess, after cleaning up a mess!)
  4. Not too dry

I used these for clean up after a meal as well as for a diaper change.  I like using wipes for meal clean up because when I used a washcloth, I ended up doing laundry A LOT!!  The food would get crusted on the washcloth and I would have to get another one for the next meal.  Ugh!!   These wipes are safe for use on baby’s hands and face so I was happy I could use them for this purpose.  Lucy was too!!

Embracing the mess

Embracing the mess

Likes:   The wipes are sold in large boxes and in smaller to-go packs.  I won’t  use the to-go packages because I have a really nice reusable wipe container that I love.  I will buy a large box because we will be using this EVERYWHERE!  The ducky design on them helps with cleaning the mess up, not spreading it around.  It’s also adorable!

Dislikes: They were really wet.  This could be the way these small samples are packaged though.  They still got the job done, but I prefer a drier wipe for my baby.  I’m interested to see if the other packaging has the same issue.

The samples

The samples

Other uses for baby wipes (besides baby bottoms):

  • Cat wipes – Buttons is not as flexible as she used to be so we have to help her out sometimes
  • Alternate toilet paper or as hemorrhoid wipes – apparently a lot of people do this
  • Wiping down surfaces – at restaurants, shopping carts, public toilet seats, etc
  • Cleaning little hands – much easier than going to a sink to wash baby’s hands
  • After work outs- great for wiping down your yoga mat, treadmill, and even yourself if you can’t get a shower immediately after your work out
  • Moistener for envelopes – so you don’t have to lick them

Conclusion: I will definitely be getting more of these. I’m hoping the wetness I experienced in the samples is from the sample packaging.  Even if it’s not, I will use them for other things besides diaper changes.  I love that I can use them for so many different things!  Check out Seventh Generation’s website below to get some helpful tips and learn more about their products.

Seventh Generation Website

*I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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